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Old 10-04-2017, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by trailer-trash View Post
Check the bulb. Also I have found that stacking 357 watch batteries works great in mine. Voltage is correct and no need to order special ones. Walmart stocks the 357s.
Those are the button type batteries, the sight is designed to use it takes two (2).
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Old 05-31-2018, 12:31 PM
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For some reason my illumination switch on my POSP 4x24B scope keeps getting turned on & batteries used up . I try to be careful not to, but it has happened repeatedly. Also the 2 small batteries need to be stored carefully when removed.
I recently ordered one of the 1.5 volt AA Battery lids, with red 1.5v LED bulb conversion kits, from a Russian vendor on Ebay. it consists of the deeper lid for the AA battery & correct LED bulb. This should help me idiot proof my scope (yes I admit it) but who else can I blame. The AA battery will be a lot simpler to remove & store when I'm done using the scope. cheap to buy the AA's as well. This should be a nice upgrade - when it finally gets here.
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Old 06-03-2018, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by russianbear View Post
I have been using Russian optics on my AKs, i have gotten mine from

Just asking if others are using them, and would like to hear what they have found in using them.
I have used Russian/Ukrainian cameras & lenses for over 40 years & found OPTICs to be on a par with German.
Need to read up on them to learn which scope is correct for what ammo & rifle. Lots of incorrect opinions about these, so suggest you compare info between sources before you buy.
My first attempt saddled me with a correct power scope that only fit an SVD mount & my 1 piece unitized scope was not tall enough to clear an AK dustcover.
The scope locking mechanisms vary in 2 main styles:
*The one on my SVD scopes has a clamping lower Jaw in the center of the mount, only 1 upper dovetailed way + a stop pin..
*The correct style for most AK mounts has squared clasp portion with central open slot, with a lever that tightens the lower dovetail portion of the mount by flexing it tighter. I have seen 1 other variation of this that includes a center cam lock.
THE SCOPE I ended up with is made by Zenit Belomo in the Ukraine. Luckily I already owned a couple of their universal scope mounts - because I needed to swap out the bottom clasp portion with another, because as supplied my clasp needed to flex more than I liked - to tighten properly.
I wish the scope vendors would show correct mount plate pictures with their scopes, so the buyer could eliminate scopes requiring different mounting plates than they have. I saved about a hundred dollars by scope shopping on Ebay for my "BELOMO scope for 7.62X39 Rifle" (nothing called AK on Ebay)
I'm very pleased with it, & it is the "BELOMO 4x24B" best suited for 7.62X39 cartridge - using the "Simonov reticle". It also stands high enough that I can still use my iron sights.
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