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Old 06-08-2018, 06:51 AM
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Default PTR 9CT, fun semiauto HK MP5 clone

After I checked out a Turner fabrications copy of an HK MP5, I decided I wanted another 9mm roller locking toy. I have an old preban HK 94 that because of its rising value had been retired to safe queen, many years back. So I had sort of forgotten the fun of shooting a roller locking action 9mm. But the 94 was bulky for what it was... this short beast, with arm brace was ideal.

So now I was on a quest to find one. My research showed the POF Pakistani guns have quality control issues. So decided to avoid that for now. The Zenith guns made in Turkey are great but are really hard to find. Then I began reading about the new PTR 9 series. American made, auto sear ready
(if you can afford the $25K they are getting out of those)... and the
9ct version is threaded for a suppressor. Atlantic Firearms is
distributing this and after reading more I decided to take the leap.
Shipped it was $1735 and an additional $30 for the transfer. It came in
yesterday, after an quick cleaning, I shot 500 rounds through it. Not good stuff either. I decided to see if it would function with inexpensive aluminum cased 9mm and it zipped through it without failure. It was accurate too. I bragged to my daughter that I could shoot a V formation and did... though it shot a little to the left. I fixed that afterward. After adjusting the rear
sight it is now dead on accurate. I am delighted with it.

I did change out one thing. I did not care for the lower and had a German
three position lower on hand, so you will note mine now looks different than
the one on the Atlantic website. RTG still has the lowers but you will
have to modify them to make them work with this. I shot another 100 throught mine after the modifications, still works great.

The arm brace folds over to the side making it very compact. With my Ohio
CHL, I can legally carry it in the car as its legally a handgun.
Its threaded and suppressed it would be ideal for a house gun. I am tickled with it but it does take a fair chunk of coin to get.
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