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Old 10-05-2016, 01:30 PM
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Default New Book on Soviet and East German Makarovs

Hi. I joined Soviet Steel recently and wanted to let members know about a new book that I co-wrote on Makarov pistols. The book covers Soviet and East German variants and it has a lot of information for collectors. You can check it out at the following web site:


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Old 10-05-2016, 04:53 PM
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Thanks for the info; I just purchased the book through the link. Look forward to getting the chance to read it. As I said in another reply, I am especially fond of Makarovs and own several "true" Makarovs along with several other Makarov variants. The photo is of some of my "true" Maks.
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Thanks! Looks good...just ordered a copy.
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Old 10-12-2016, 10:36 AM
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Looks interesting.
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Old 10-26-2016, 08:45 AM
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You guys know me and you know my passion for East bloc arms.

I just finished reading The Makarov Pistol, Soviet Union and East
Germany. Volume I and have a few comments on this joint effort by
Henry C. Brown Jr. and Cameron S. White. They truly have produced a
wonderful first volume on Soviet and East German Makarov pistols, I
was impressed with the detail. When they claim its a book written for
Makarov Collectors by Makarov Collectors they certainly live up to
that statement. This tome delivers detailed data collectors have been
desiring since the first of these pistols hit our shores with the fall
of the Soviet Empire. The photos of early production pistols alone
makes this work well worth its asking price. These gentlemen have done
a great job, their passion for these fascinating sidearms is quite

I had already sampled a bit of Mr. White’s knowledge in a wonderful
piece he wrote on the Chinese Type 59 Makarov for Man At Arms magazine
earlier in 2016, so when he offered me the opportunity to read this
first volume I was delighted and it did not disappoint.

Soviet Bloc arms are a fascinating subject, but due to the nature of
them especially in the post World War II Cold War era, there is a
still a considerable veil of mystery around them and their production.
A lot more time and attention has been given the SKS and Kalashnikov
rifles. The Makarov pistol has been somewhat neglected in comparison
and though others have broached the subject they lacked the detail
collectors hunger for. I am pleased this has been rectified with this

Where they can the authors have gone to great detail on the guns, the
manufacturing of them, markings, evolution of the design,
accoutrements, etc… Where they are not sure of something they make
that clear too. There is even a section on the guns in the Post Soviet
period and pistols made for the civilian market. Photographs are
clear, largely in color and so detailed you can clearly see various
proof marks. You get rare glimpses of training manuals. The wide
variety of holsters issued, cleaning rods, lanyards, ammunition, tools
and gauges. There is even a detailed field strip section at the very
end with clear color photos. Its truly wonderful.

As a gun collector who owns quite a few Makarov pistols made in the
USSR, East Germany, Bulgaria and China, I can tell you this book was a
pleasure to read. Having read volume one, I am very much looking
forward to the next volume which is currently in the works. It will be
on Chinese and Bulgarian pistols. This volume belongs in the library
of every collector of Soviet bloc arms.

A bit more of my biography you may not know.

An officer on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Gun Collectors
Association and long time collector of Soviet bloc firearms. NRA
Patron Member and a long time activist and writer for the Buckeye
Firearms Association.

The book can be found at this link.
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