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Old 09-18-2018, 06:50 PM
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Default m-1 Carbine questions

What year did the stripper clip design go from the early one where a loading charger/spoon was permanently attached to the clip,
to the later M-16-style design where the stripper clips had no attached spoon and each bandoleer had a single separate charger/spoon in it?

I have seen the original specifications for the clip in a 1948 Army publication, where it was compared to the one used for the M1903 Springfield rifle, so that gives me a starting point. (Note: the clips were not used in WWII)

I have encountered 600 round spam cans from the 1950s with the attached spoons from the 1950's, so that is confirms their Korea and Vietnam war use. . For years, I have encountered fifty caliber cans with 1080 rounds on the new clips and with circa 1972 manufacture dates. Recently, I found most of a fifty caliber can with bandoleers, z-fold cardboards, and spoon-on-stripper clip with bandoleer dates of 1967.

Next question: What the last U.S. military unit to use M-1 Carbines? I have been told and have read some undetailed reports that the USAF was the last to phase them out, and that some USAF Security Police type units in the National Guard and Reserve were using them until the mid- possibly late-1970s.
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