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Old 10-12-2018, 10:50 PM
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Default New member (hi) with new M57s

Hi all, new member.

I have been collecting combloc weapons for a few years, trying to get ahead of the "wish I bought them when" and also, they are cool.

I bought two M57s from Classic the other day, didn't pop for hand selected because I think that's a scam I was really pleased with what I received. One appears to be "rack grade" or "as turned in", the other seems to have been rearsenaled. I like that I have one of each. I really appreciate that they put in the goofy trigger safety, it makes it easier for hobby gunsmiths to put it back to stock.

Am I correct in guessing the one with the purple-ish frame, and new bluing has been rearsenaled?

here is the trigger with import safety (which i am sure you all are well aware of) Whoever came up with this to please the ATF gets a gold star in my book.

I want these both to be as correct as possible, so I filed a notch into the trigger bars of two TT33 triggers, this photo is before I squared it up, and re blackend it.

It makes me smile thinking that years from now, maybe after I'm dead someone will find one of these and be excited that it has no external safety and the original trigger, then a bunch of guys on a forum will shoot him down.

It is interesting to see the difference between the TT33 trigger (left) and the import safety trigger (right). I will say that the TT33 trigger dropped a few pounds off of the pull weight. Were the import safety triggers made new for import? If so that explains their crustiness.

Bonus pics. The reconditioned M57 came absoutly PACKED in cosmoline. It looks just as good as the day it was packed. The "rack grade" m57 came with just a wiff of gun oil on it. There was a fair bit of surface rust on the internals.

Hammer group on "rack grade" before, and after


Anyway, hope that i can contribute to the madness,



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Old 11-06-2018, 06:20 PM
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Welcome aboard. I'm sure you'll be happy with your new range toys.
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