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Originally Posted by MR_22 View Post
Haha, true that. My AK-47 "pistol" is much of the same. Stupid gun laws anyway. Just stupid rules that don't help anything--rules for the sake of rules. And they want to pass more of these? Fools.

I've seen Skorpions, but I thought they were .32's. I'm tapped out for gun cash now, but I'll check 'em out! Thanks.
The Czech military Skorpions are .32ACP. Czechpoint, a company that imports brand new Skorpions from the Czech Republic, sells them in .32 and .380. I'd go with the .32 because it's more "authentic" and would have less recoil. You can also get a Skorpion lower and build yourself a SBR.

The .32:

The .380:

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